Water = Beautiful Skin


How much water have you been drinking?

We are constantly bombarded with different types of drinks and add-ons to satiate the palette but not exactly hydrating and giving the body the full benefits of pure water. Not everyone gets to have clean water to drink and we are fortunate to have this at our disposal. Here are some tidbits about the benefits of water:


Water is a natural carrier which helps your body function smoothly and enables nutrients and unnecessary wastes to flow without hindrance. If you would like a further detox, add some lemon into your water for better results.


Water will help hydrate your skin, keeping them plump and supple. It helps boost metabolism, and increase cell turnover. Your skin will look and feel great. Improves problem skin.


You can be dehydrated and not even know it! Symptoms include fatigue, dry mouth, inability to sweat, dizziness, weakness, fainting, and confusion. Remember to replenish yourself throughout the day especially after exercising, when you’re sick, and in extreme heat.

Control Calories

Water have been used to substitute calories by those who are watching their weight.

You don’t necessarily have to stick with water all day. Fruits and vegetables will provide that including wonderful nutrients for the body. Check out these sites for further FYI about the benefits of water.,,20396298,00.html