Specialty Premium Facials


Specialty Premium Facials


Ageless Beauty Facial

50 min

This anti-aging “skin workout” will go to work directly on regenerating and nourishing the collagen and elastin fibres in your skin, triggering an immediate increase in cellular renewal. This treatment will ease lines, plump and lift tissue and provide a strong boost to your skin’s natural defenses.
(Facial Club Membership: $75 per month, 4 month treatment)

Rhonda Allison Facials

Hibiscus Facial Light Peel


Experience the beauty and benefits of a Hibiscus treatment. This facial is a mini skin peel & facial, without extensive downtime. It lightly removes top layers of dead skin cells and is designed to bring back a natural glow and youthfulness, while using light enzyme/chemical based ingredients to remove the dead skin cells. Your skin is then infused with hydrating moisturizers that are penetrated into your pores.
(Facial Club Membership: $120 per month, 4 month treatment)

Time for Me Facial Peel


This is an enzyme based mini facial peel, with no down time. Included are milk and chocolate masks and a cherry Enzyme treatment. Your skin will look and feel amazingly beautiful and younger and you will experience an aromatic facial treatment that is sure to please the senses.
(Facial Club Membership: $105 per month, 4 month treatment)

Maui Facial


This facial is excellent for giving your skin a boost of vitality, brightness & helping to reduce dark spots and hyper pigmentation resulting in a more glowing and youthful complexion. Facial Club
(Membership: $120 per month, 4 month treatment)

GoldTox Facial

1 Hr
$135 (Reg. $350)

The GoldTox Facial is known as “The Facial with Botox Results!”
It provides incredible anti-aging and skin beautifying, tightening, and glowing results. This facial with hydrate the skin, removes and or lightens dark and age spots with a 5 acid, light peel with no down time that also removes damaged and aged skin cells and helps to banish bacteria. This treatment also includes a non surgical brow lift and the infusion of our signature product, Liquid GoldTox, which is referred to as a topical Botox! Liquid GoldTox, creates collagen, elasticity, lightens dark spots and tightens skin. Its ingredients consists of Hexapeptide 3, Collagen, Proteins, and Vitamins A,C & E. We highly recommend also purchasing the Liquid GoldTox home Series which includes Liquid GoldTox, Hydra Marine Hydration Cream with Red Algae Marine and our SunGuard which is a vitamin infused sunscreen to use at home and continue the incredible and lasting results of lighter, tighter and brighter skin with fewer or no wrinkles and fine lines and a move even and youthful skin tone.
(The Facial Club price is 4 Treatments $175 Each)

Pumpkin Peel & Vitality C Facial Peel

70 min
$225 (4 part series is $700)

The Pumpkin Peel also includes our LED Light Therapy Treatment, which is very similar to laser without the dangerous UVA affects. LED treatment increases skin cell metabolism and cell turn over, lightens dark spots, increases collagen, kills bacteria and gives the skin a healthy appearance and internal boost of collagen which reduces wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.
(The Facial Club price is 4 Treatments $175 Each)


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