Hydra Facials


Hydra Facials

Hydra Facial is a technology that deeply and gently exfoliates the skin using a series of serums and technology to infuse needed nutrition into the skin. How it differs from other facial treatments, is that the non damaging exfoliation process, removes damaged, dull, old skin cells while infusing treatment at the same time! This treatment is excellent for anti aging, rehydrating, acne, dull, over oily or dry skin. The treatment also removes. debris from the pores, leaving your skin smooth, hydrated, refreshed, clean and beautiful. This treatment offers other modalities that can be paired with the Hydra Glow facial treatment, such as skin tightening, Non surgical muscle lifting & tightening, facial contouring and LED (similar to laser, without the dangerous UVA effects). It is customized and performed by a professional licensed and Great Skin certified Esthetician.

Hydra Facial $150

Add On’s: (w/purchase of Hydra Facial)
Skin Tightening $50 (Reg. $200)
Non-surgical Face Lift, Facial Contouring $50 (Reg. $125)
LED $50 (Reg. $75)

This treatment does not include massage, masking and traditional extractions. Instead, it is a highly technical process designed for results. We recommend adding this treatment to your monthly facial treatments for enhanced skin beautifying results and the relaxation of our traditional facials.