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While a spa treatment and visit is a relaxing experience and feels like a luxury, our belief is that it should be beneficial in the beauty, care and knowledge of how to have more beautiful skin, increased relaxation and decreased stress. The best results of skin care and body treatments results from continuous and regularly scheduled, professional skin & body treatments, coupled with an effective, customized home care system to use in between your professional treatments. Through our Facial Club, we make it affordable for our clients to care for their skin in both aspects – in spa and at home. Each service offers a 1 time investment of a single treatment as well as membership pricing, which is based on a 4x treatment plan that offers a lower investment per treatment, to give you the very best results and investment level. Upon completion of achieving each goal, a maintenance program can also be purchased on Facial Club membership, thereby continuing maintenance at the best investment level.

Benefits of Facial Club:

  • Club Membership Pricing
  • Discounts on all products and services
  • Monthly customized skin and/or body treatments
  • Personal Esthetician or service provider
  • VIP Discount Passes for your guests
  • Invites to special sales, events and services
  • Discounts or parties for your guests or special occasions

Benefits of Professional Skin Treatments:

  • Younger, Healthier, Glowing Skin
  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scaring, dark spots
  • Develop a relationship with a skin care professional and spa
  • Increase your knowledge of how to self care for your skin
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase relaxation, confidence and beauty

Relax, Rewind & Renew!

We hope that you will be a lifetime customer and allow us to take care of you, your family and friends .beauty and skin care for a lifetime. We take your skin and relaxation very seriously and provide you with knowledge, excellent products, services and environment. You will also experience a deeper level of relaxation and reduction of stress following each and every appointment with us! Bless you always!