Slimming Body Treatments


Body Slimming Treatments

We offer the following body services:

Lipo-Fat Cavitation-Body Contouring

We offer a variety of non-surgical, effective, affordable body slimming and contouring treatments & packages that gives you immediate results! Treatment plans are customized for your specific needs. For best results, treatments are performed in series (2-3 days apart). With each session, you will see a difference! We offer a series of treatments to reduce inches, melt fat, reduce cellulite, contour your body and tighten skin in your desired areas on face & body. We also offer body detoxing and non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift & Contouring. Many clients lose weight while on our treatment programs due to a change in their eating and/or exercising to enhance results of their treatments with us. Depending on your needs, we will recommend a treatment plan of one or more of the services to help you accomplish your goals. (For Post Cosmetic Surgery Lymphatic Drainage treatment, see the section on “Endermologie.”)

Ultra Sound Fat Cavitation/Fat Melting & Skin Tightening up to 15 Min.

This non-surgical fat melting treatment targets fat cells through ultra sound causing the fat cells to break and contents, fat, triglycerides, amino acids are emptied into the body. The contents of the cells are removed from the body naturally (although more slowly) or through our Toxin Removal Body Wrap which substantially increases the results on fat Cavitation &/or Endermologie. We highly recommend & encourage you to add a full or area body. Fat Cavitation/Fat Melting also includes Radio Frequency skin tightening. Fat Cavitation is sold by the area, i.e., upper stomach, lower stomach, waist, love handles, upper and/or lower back, inner, outer, front and/or back thighs, face, etc. – very similar to how liposuction is sold, for a fraction of the cost, without undergoing surgery or surgical risks. The manufacturer recommends 10-12 treatments per area to see maximum results. However, with every session, you will see results.


$150 Per Treatment Area (area defined above in description)

4    Treatment Areas    $480

6    Treatment Areas    $700

10  Treatment Areas    $1100

15  Treatment Areas    $1575 (Plus 1 FREE)

20 Treatment Areas    $2200 (Plus 2 FREE)

** Any package over a 10 pack, can be used on Endermologies or Fat Cavitation, Fat Cavitation is based on area; Endermologie is based on full body


Cellulite Removal/Lymphatic Drainage/Body Contouring/Post Surgical Treatment:

Endermologie                                                                                                                25-30 Min Per Treatment $150

Treatment LPG is a technique that is designed to reach that level of fat that is often hard to get rid of, resistant to diet and exercise, and is positioned where very little circulation gets through the fibrosis tissue causing c-e-l-l-u-l-i-t-e! Endermologie uses a roll in/roll our patented process that creates circulation and moves lymphatic waste to the lymph system which then processes through lymph nodes and is exerted from flow and breaking down the fibrosis tissue and lymphatic drainage. This process is good to reduce cellulite, reduce inflammation, contour the body and relieve the body of pain from inflammation, and help speed the healing of cosmetic or non-cosmetic surgery recovering or healing. This is a full-body treatment (25-30 minutes) that is both relaxing and very effective. We recommend following this treatment with a Toxin Removal Body wrap to maximize. A Body Wrap may not be necessary after every treatment and in between each session. Surgeons also often (almost always) recommend this treatment, also known as lymphatic drainage massage for several sessions following cosmetic surgery. (by LPG Endermologie) Certified & Trained.

4    Treatments    $480

6    Treatments    $700

10  Treatments    $1100

15  Treatments    $1575 (Plus 1 FREE)

20 Treatments    $2200 (Plus 2 FREE)

** Any Package over a 10 pack, can be used on Endermologie or Fat Cavitation, Fat Cavitation is based on area; Endermologie is based on full body


Detox Fat Removal / Body Contouring

$65 for Slimming/Contouring Detox (area) or Lymphatic Drainage
$139 for Full Body Slimming/Contouring Body Wrap
$150 for Lymphatic Drainage (full Body)

Fat Cavitation Club Members:

Fat Cavitation/Liquid Lipo $125 Per Treatment area, per visit

  • 4 Treatments for:$480
  • 6 Treatments for:$700
  • 10 Treatments for:$1100

Detox Fat Removal / Body Contouring

$65 for Slimming/Contouring Detox (area) /$139 Full Body
$60 Lymphatic Drainage Face/Full Body $125
$139 for Full Body Slimming/Contouring Body Wrap
$125 for Lymphatic Drainage (full Body)

** Sections include upper stomach, lower stomach, love handles, waist, hips, inner thighs, outer thighs, front thighs, back thighs, outer arms, inner arms, upper back, lower back, neck, front leg, back leg, upper and lower leg

Slimming Body Wrap | $150 |

Slim and detoxify your body with our volcanic slimming body wrap. Average inch loss is significant inches per session. Our detoxifying body wrap will rid your body of toxins from the lymphatic system giving you an immediate inch loss, tighter skin tone, reduction in appearance of cellulite, a healthier and slimmer body, and a well-rested feeling. Service is provided in our spa where you will relax (after body prep) in an aroma-filled spa room with relaxing music. Also, enjoy a facial (as an add-on) during your body wrap and end your service with a more beautiful glowing face and slimmer body.

Membership: $150
Club Membership Pricing: $125 per session/4 sessions

Body Contouring, Shaping & Lifting | Add On |

This is an add on treatment to the slipping body wrap

Add amino, which is pure caffeine to help empty cells more quickly and contouring wraps to shape the body while in detox, slimming mode. Contouring can be done on full-body, including face, chin & neck.

$50 ($25 for Amino & $25 for Contouring Wraps) for full-body wrapping and amino (price when full-body wrap is purchased.)

Membership Pricing:
$80 for 4 Amino Sessions
$80 for 4 Contouring Wraps
$150 per session 4 Amino & Contouring Wraps *Add-on to body wrap

Foot Detox | $40 |


Relax for 30 minutes in a massage chair while detoxing and removing toxins from the body through the pores of your soles (feet). Experience a cleaner body through this flush that results in better energy & more restful sleep.

$35 per treatment /4 treatments $140
$30 per treatment/10 treatments $300

Lymphatic Drainage – Full Body & Face Treatment

Detox your lymph system and remove toxins from the body, thereby decreasing swelling, puffiness, sinus and allergy pressure and increasing the energy in your body & reducing pain while promoting health and well being.

Non Member $150

Member: $125 or 4 at $110 per treatment

Face $65/60

Lipo Massage by Endermologie ™

Lipo Message by Endermologie is a non surgical treatment designed to reduce inflammation, swelling, excess fluids and most importantly reduce/eliminate cellulite and contour the body. It is also well known a post cosmetic surgery lymphatic drainage massage to reduce swelling, aid speed healing and increase circulation.

Suitable for women and men and feels like a comfortable massage.

1st Treatment (Full Body) $99 (Intro Offer)
Sold in packages
See amazing results!