Treatment for dry, aging skin – Pumpkin Hydrating Facial Treatment


It’s that time of year that skin cells are in need of some tender treatment.  After being exposed to sun through the summer and now the cripsp, colder and dryer weather, it racks havoc on our skin. Your skin is a living organ.  It too needs care – especially removal of dry or damaged skin cells and hydration. Our pumpkin hydrating facial does just that – remove dead/damaged skin cells and hydrates the skin. Treatment includes cleansing with pumpkin cleanser, pumpkin and paypaya enzyme polish, ultrasonic microdermabrasion, pumpkin hydrating mask and an infustion of hydrating toners to hydrate the skin and moisturizers to hydrate and moisturize the skin.  On Sale $89 for Treatment. Reg. $150. Call Great Skin Spa & Skin Care today – Arlington visit us on line at and make an appointment to come in!