Sensitive Skin Care-Great Skin Spa & Skincare


Sensitive skin needs a little bit of help so stop your search and start with Great Skin! Whether you are naturally tender, sensitive from chemical peels or laser treatments, we have the perfect concoction of skin care products and service suitable for your skin.

Skincare recommendation:

Limu Facial Cleanser

Analytical studies have shown a significant increase in skin flexibility and skin hydration with this blend of aloe vera gel and algae extract. . This non-foaming cleanser will gently remove surface debris and make-up. Can also be used for shaving.

Papaya Creme Enzyme Polish

Refresh your delicate skin with this smooth polish. This special Linked Papain enzyme incorporated in this formula exfoliates and digests dead skin cells that can clog pores. The ingredients are extremely mild and used mainly in baby products. Hypoallergenic and mild cleansing.

Aloe & Azulene Gel Masque

This beautiful translucent azulene masque will provide a soothing treatment after laser treatments, microdermabrasions, professional peels such as Glycolic Acid, waxing, and extractions. Very soothing for irritated and dehydrated skin caused by sunburn or chemical peels.

Great Skin Spa & Skincare is dedicated to taking care of your specific skin care needs. Call at 817.472.7222 to book or ask our estheticians about our services and skin care products.