Facial 101

A trip to your esthetician at least once a month will help maintain your skin and keep it looking at its best and refreshed. So what exactly does a facial involves? Here is a breakdown of what occurs during a facial so you know what to expect when you get one.


  • Prior to your facial, a form should be given to you in order for your esthetician to know any contraindications and what service would be most beneficial for your skin.


  • This machine releases a heated mist which would soften your skin and open your pores for deeper cleansing and extractions if needed.


  • A cleansing will help remove any impurities to get it ready for the next step. Oftentimes, a double cleansing will occur for those who has makeup on or oily skin for a deeper cleansing.

Skin Analysis

  • Your esthetician will place cotton pads upon your eyes and check your skin under a loupe, a magnifying glass with a built-in light, to find out your skin type and what your skin needs.


  • One type of exfoliation is the mechanical process in which a product contains fine sandy particles that would physically remove dead skin cells that have been collecting.
  • Another type is a chemical exfoliant which usually contains enzymes and acids that would help slough off the dead skin cells and is usually an upgrade of the service.


  • This is the removal of black heads or white heads to help improve your skin. The process usually lasts 5-15 minutes (depending on how much sebum you have) and may be slightly uncomfortable. Your esthetician will gently remove the build up while the steam is on to help keep your pores open.


  • This wonderful part of the facial is where your esthetician will manipulate their hands in an even tempo. Massage has many benefits which includes: physiological relaxation, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, reduce puffiness and sinus congestion, helps product absorption, and helps muscle tone.


  • A mask suitable to your skin type will be used which would aid in hydrating, drawing out oils or impurities, or soothe the skin.


  • The final step will help nourish and hydrate your skin and will also be chosen for your type of skin be it dry, oily, acne-prone, or sensitive. Sunscreen would be added during the day.

Facials are an excellent way of relaxation and maintaining beautiful, great skin. Call and book now at 817.472.7222.